Do MeshForce products support Amazon Alexa / Echo Dot voice control?

This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 / M3 Dot, M3s and M7) Your Alexa/Echo devices can connect to the MeshForce WiFi signal. But you cannot voice control the MeshForce products over Alexa/Echo devices. We are working on this new feature and will soon land on your MeshForce product. 

Is WiFi safe and healthy? Is 5GHz WiFi safer than 2.4GHz WiFi?

We usually see people doubt the safety of WiFi, wireless, cellular, 5G, or anything that is related to telecommunications in our life. Many people worry about the safety of wireless WiFi, especially for children and pregnant women those worries escalate. So what is the truth of WiFi safety? The answer is: WIFi is safe. Both […]

How to remote control my Meshforce WiFi system?

This article is related to all MeshForce products. (M1, M3 and M3 Dot, M3s, M7) After you set up the mesh system, click the up-right corner icon, log in. You should be able to remote control your WiFi then. If the mesh system does not appear on the app homepage after you disconnect WiFi, please […]